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Mr CHAN Pengee Adrian

Independent Director

Mr Chan Pengee Adrian has been a director since 1 December 2014. He was appointed as the Chairman of the Audit Committee on 1 November 2015. Mr Chan is Head of Corporate and a Senior Partner at the law firm, Lee & Lee. He is on the board of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore and a member of the Legal Service Commission, as well as the Council of the Law Society of Singapore.

He is an independent director of Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd, Hong Fok Corporation Ltd, Global Investments Limited, AEM Holdings Ltd and Best World International Ltd which are listed on the SGX. He also serves on the Catalist Advisory Panel of the SGX. He is the Chairman of both the Corporate Practice Committee of the Law Society of Singapore and the Panel of the Institute of Corporate Law at ACRA. He also serves as a director on Astrea III and Azalea Asset Management, which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Temasek. He sits on the Corporate Governance and Regulations Committee of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Shared Services for Charities Limited, which is a registered charity and an Institution of a Public Character. He currently lectures on Corporate Governance for the Singapore Institute of Legal Education and the Bar Admissions and Examinations.

He was the First Vice-Chairman of the Singapore Institute of Directors and was appointed to the Audit Committee Guidance Committee, established by the MAS, ACRA and the SGX, and served on the Corporate Governance and Directors’ Duties Working Group of the Steering Committee established by the Ministry of Finance to review and rewrite the Companies Act.

Mr Chan holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from National University of Singapore.