The Manager

Ascendas Reit is managed by Ascendas Funds Management (S) Limited (AFM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CapitaLand Investment Limited.

The Manager is fully committed towards Ascendas Reit’s mission of delivering predictable distributions and long-term capital stability to Unitholders.

This is achieved through a three-pronged strategy of :


  1) Proactive portfolio management

  • Proactive marketing and leasing of spaces to achieve a healthy occupancy rate
  • Providing high standards of property and customer services
  • Enhancing operational efficiency and optimisation of operating costs
  • Carrying out asset enhancement initiatives

  2) Disciplined value-adding investments

  • Acquiring income-producing properties leased to established customers
  • Acquiring high-quality properties with strong income stream and/or asset enhancement potential
  • Developing built-to-suit projects to cater to prospective customers’ operational requirements and specifications
  • Selective development/redevelopment to capitalise on the Manager’s development capabilities
  • Sourcing of overseas investment opportunities to strengthen portfolio diversification and resilience

  3) Prudent capital and risk management

  • Regular reviews of Ascendas Reit's debt and capital management, and financial policy
  • Diversifying sources of funding, managing interest rate risk, liquidity risk, credit risk and foreign currency risk
  • Monitoring Ascendas Reit’s exposure to various risk elements and externally imposed requirements in the markets it operates in by closely adhering to clearly established management policies and procedures
  • Risk management policies and systems are reviewed regularly to reflect changes in market conditions and Ascendas Reit’s strategic direction
  • Creating an acceptable balance between the benefits derived from managing risks and the cost of managing those risks