Sustainability Targets & Achievements

Ascendas Reit's ESG Targets

Sustainability Achievements

  1. Please refer to for Ascendas Reit’s Green Finance Framework.
  2. Building and Construction Authority, Singapore

Powering Properties with Renewable Energy

In 2020, common facilities’ electricity usage at Neuros & Immunos was 100% powered by renewable energy generated from solar farms installed on the roofs of 6 of Ascendas Reit’s properties. 

By 2022, Ascendas Reit aims to power the common facilities’ electricity usage at 3 properties located at one-north (including Neuros & Immunos) with renewable energy

Building a Green and Sustainable Portfolio

Embracing Innovation and Technology

  • Initiated the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab, Southeast Asia's first industry-led lab for smart cities solutions development.
  • Supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority and Enterprise Singapore, the Lab will bring together leaders to co-create and test innovations with local built environment and technology enterprises in a live environment.
  • Focus on six key industry verticals of advanced manufacturing, digital wellness, intelligent estates, smart mobility, sustainability, and urban agriculture.
  • 30 industry players such as Amazon Web Services, Cisco Systems, Johnson Controls, Microsoft, MooVita, NavInfo, DataTech, Schneider Electric, SPTel, TPG Telecom and Vizzio.AI have committed to partner local firms to co-innovate, test ideas in the Lab or pilot trials at the 55-hectare SG-enabled Singapore Science Park, the largest site in Singapore for trials of smart cities solution.